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Photo of Perry Needham skiingI recently broke my ankle severely requiring complex surgery. Dr. Lind did a terrific job of explaining the injury, the surgery and what to expect. I am now 6 weeks post-op and doing great by following his instructions to the letter. Dr. Lind always takes lots of time to give you a straight-up and thorough assessment of your injury, your progress and what to expect.

The Physical Therapists also speak very highly of Dr. Lind, stating that his patients do very well. Dr. Lind is a great addition to a fantastic Orthopedic group and I recommend him highly.

Perry Needham

I had a torn rotator cuff and a nearly detached biceps tendon. The radiology showed the biceps tendon was detached, but it actually was still hanging by a thread. I’m 56 and very active. I had 2 surgeons tell me that my days of climbing and pull-ups were over – they couldn’t fix my biceps tendon. Happily, Dr. Michael Metcalf took a look and scheduled me for immediate surgery. After surgery, he said I could do my first pull-up in 6 months if I strictly followed the PT protocol. Surgery was on 6/24/2013. Six months later, on Christmas Day 12/25/2013, I did my first pull-up. This was the best Christmas present I received this year. Thank you Dr. Metcalf!!

Dan Yates

It’s been two years since my ACL surgery with Dr. Cooley (April 2010). I just wanted to write because my niece just had to have ACL surgery in Maryland where she lives. She got out of surgery yesterday and from talking to her last night and today, I feel very lucky to have had Dr. Cooley and his staff do my surgery.

I asked her questions about what the doctor told her beforehand, what they told her she should do the first few days after surgery, what about the follow-up, etc, etc. And most of the time she said they didn’t tell her anything. They were not even going to give her an ice machine (let alone tell her anything about the Game Ready machine like I had). Her parents had to stop by a medical supply store to get an Igloo model on the way home from the hospital. And she is not a stupid person (BS in exercise physiology).

Dr. Cooley has operated on my knee twice (also a femoral cartilage and microfracture in 2002) and I just thought everyone that has this kind of surgery has the same experience. I now know that the attention to detail, preparing the patient for what to expect, and the care and follow-up that Dr. Cooley, Steve, and probably more importantly his staff, provided me was exceptional and made me feel like I was the most important patient you had. Thank you again for doing things the way you do them. It makes a difference.

PS And I’m back to playing ultimate frisbee, skiing, hiking, and biking as good as I was before I hurt my knee.

John Eicholtz

On May 17, 2010 I underwent left hip resurfacing via the direct anterior approach. I returned to work, on a lite duty basis, after two-and-a half weeks. I felt that my recovery from surgery was excellent and now about three months out from surgery, I feel great. I am able to move and work without pain and I wish I had this surgery much sooner!

I highly recommend the anterior approach hip resurfacing. I am very grateful that Dr. Lind was able to give me my very active lifestyle back!

Jeffrey Miller

I had a lateral release and some damage control done to both of my knees 12 years ago. In the last 5 years, I have completed 18 half marathons, and 3 full marathons. I could not be more appreciative!

Tamatha Robson

I had a total right knee replacement on Nov. 5th, 2012. I was walking without the aide of a cruch within 5 days after my release. I was back to work full time 4 weeks later, I travel 6,000 miles a month for Tyco Int. I am out of pain and have never missed a days work, I am 70 years old. I work out at the Fit Stop in Heber every other day. Dr. Lind and his staff Max and Hallie are the very best.

Butch Hoffman

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