Michael Metcalf, M.D. / M. Daniel Hatch, M.D.

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Passive Range-of-Motion & Scapular Stability

YPassive range-of-motion (PROM) consists of the movement of your shoulder by someone else. You should not in any way be using your muscles to assist in the motion. This is done by relaxing your arm and allowing someone else to do the work for you. Your rehabilitation will consist of 6 weeks of PROM. A caregiver should assist you with the following activities 3-4 times per day. A physical therapist will assist you with other PROM exercises 3 times a week for the first 6 weeks after which you will begin active range-of-motion exercises for your rotator cuff (you move your arm). Scapular Stability exercises are used to strengthen the muscles around the shoulder blade. These exercises are active, but utilize other muscles than your rotator cuff and therefore can be performed in the first phase of your rehabilitation.

Passive External Rotation

With your elbow at your side allow the caregiver to gently rotate your hand away from your body. You should feel a stretch and some pain. Limit motion according to Dr. Metcalf’s instruction. This may also be performed while lying on your back and resting your elbow at your side. Hold each stretch for several seconds and repeat 10-15 times.







Shrugs (Scapular Stability)

To perform shrugs simply raise or “shrug” your shoulders up while maintaining good posture. Hold for several seconds and repeat 10-15 times.




Retraction (Scapular Stability)

To perform this exercise, maintain good posture and pinch your shoulder blades together. Hold for several seconds and repeat 10-15 times. You should feel this exercise in the upper mid back, between the shoulder blades.




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