Michael Metcalf, M.D. / M. Daniel Hatch, M.D.

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Phase 1


  1. Sling use for comfort
  2. May be out of sling for hygiene and range of motion exercises
  3. Discontinue as tolerated after week 6

Weeks 0-6

  1. Begin active assisted shoulder motion (all planes except IR)
    **(No active internal rotation until week 7)**
  2. Limit external rotation to 40 degrees
  4. Hand, wrist & forearm active motion
  5. Initiate independent home motion with caregiver: PROM
    — external rotation to 40 degrees
  6. Active scapular motion (shrugs, retraction, depression)

Phase 2

Weeks 7-12

  1. Advance to full active motion (all planes)
      Independent HEP program: daily stretching
  2. Scapular stability
  3. Maintain proper scapulohumeral rhythm
  4. Begin resistance with activities below shoulder level
  5. Emphasize continued independent home stretching

Phase 3

Week 13+

  1. Return to regular activity
  2. Progress resistance with activities above shoulder level
  3. Maintenance Program
    — Daily Stretching (all planes)
    — Strengthening 2-3 times / week

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