Download as PDFPhase I – Maximum Protection (Week 0 to 2):
  • Ice and modalities as needed to reduce pain and inflammation
  • Use crutches ____% weight bearing x _____ weeks
  • Emphasize patella mobility and full extension
  • Full active/passive knee range of motion exercises
  • Quadriceps setting focusing on VMO function
  • Multi-plane open kinetic chain straight leg raising
  • Gait training
  • Stationary bike immediately Post-operative with Low Resistance
  • Dyna-splint or JAS splint as indicated

Phase II – Progressive Stretching and Early Strengthening (Weeks 2 to 6):

  • Passive and active range of motion; work toward full range
  • Dyna-splint or JAS splint as indicated
  • Lower extremity stretching
  • Aggressive patella mobility
  • Open/Closed kinetic chain multi-plane hip exercises
  • Proprioception drills emphasizing neuromuscular control
  • Pool program when incisions are fully healed
  • Stationary bike, treadmill walking or elliptical trainer

Phase III – Advanced Strengthening and Proprioception (Weeks 6 to 12):

  • End range stretching flexion and extension
  • Continue patella mobility
  • Bilateral closed kinetic chain strengthening progressing to unilateral as tolerated
  • Advance time and intensity on cardiovascular program-no running
  • Functional cord resistance program
  • Initiate gym strengthening program as appropriate
  • Outdoor biking – easy gears

Phase IV – Return to activity (Week 16):

  • Follow-up examination with the physician
  • Gradually increase intensity of lower extremity strengthening, stretching, and cardiovascular training
  • Sports test – may be modified on and individual basis

Download as PDF

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