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  1. Lock at 20 for two weeks (complex tears may require longer periods of immobilization)
  2. Shower without brace at 1 week post-op
  3. Sleep without brace at 4 weeks post-op
  4. Discontinue brace for ADL’s at 4-6 weeks with adequate strength and ROM
  5. If extension is difficult to obtain by week 6, D/C brace and emphasize heel strike in gait.

Weeks 0-2

  1. Non weight-bearing
  2. Brace locked at 20 degrees (complex tears may require longer periods of immobilization)
  3. Patellar mobility
  4. Quad set/Straight leg raise
  5. Effusion Control

Weeks 2-4

  1. Begin WBAT (progress in 25%-50% increments)
  2. Brace 0 degrees extension and increase flexion stop according to strength/ROM gains
  3. Increase flexion and extension prn 4) Begin PRE’s, limiting knee flexion angle to less than 90 degrees. Closed chain emphasis
  4. Begin stationary cycling with adequate flexion
  5. Remove brace for passive ROM
  6. Begin aquatic exercises such as deep water jogging and resistance walking where available.

Weeks 4-6

  1. D/C brace as strength and ROM allow
  2. Full range of motion
  3. Avoid deep squat (>90 degrees) for 4 to 6 months
  4. Avoid cutting/pivoting for 4 to 6 months

Months 4-6

  1. Return to activity per M.D.

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