Closed Kinetic Chain Exercises

Brace Setting 20°-100°

Equal weight-bearing emphasized with knee flexion no greater than 90°. Do not progress in resistance or knee flexion if form forces weight shift to unaffected side.

Single leg squats are recommended with the Use of pilates, or total gym.

Seated Toe Drags
While seated in a chair, extend leg, point toe, And press toe to the floor. Drag the toe along the floor as the knee is bending. Resistance increases as the toe is pressed more forcefully to the floor.

Toe Raises
With brace at 20° to control hyperextension, raise up on the ball of foot and slowly lower. Begin exercise off the floor and progress to a small step to allow greater range of motion as strength increases.

Treadmill Walking
With brace, start with 10 minutes and progress 5 minutes per week until 30 minutes is achieved. Proper form must be maintained in order to progress on the treadmill. Increase uphill grade 2° per week until a maximum of 10° is reached.

Biking with Toe Clip
When a symmetrical spin is achieved, progress in time from 15 minutes to 40 minutes at 5 minutes per week pace. Low load interval work can start at 6 weeks post-op with 20 seconds on and40 seconds off. RPM is progressed from 70 to 100 during the work phase.

ACL Rehab Figure 4

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