Range of Motion Exercises


A) Wall Slides
Lie on your back with your hips flexed 90 degrees and your foot positioned on the wall. With gravity, slide your heel down the wall as far as possible (use a sock to decrease friction). Pressure from your other leg may be helpful.

B) Chair Squats
Sit in a chair with arm rests. With your foot firmly planted, slide your hips forward while controlling body weight with arms.

C) Kneeling Squats
While on hands and knees, lower hips backward toward feet. When you feel a stretch, hold as long as possible.

D) Cycling
You may use a bike to gain range of flexion. Position the seat at a height which allows you to pedal the bike without lifting off the seat. Progressively lower the bike seat to achieve greater knee flexion.

ACL Rehab Figure 1


1) Extension Sitting
Sit on floor or table with legs straight. Prop up feet so that knee is hanging unsupported. Pull back on the foot with a strap while repetitively contracting your quadriceps (quad sets).

2) Prone Extension
Lie prone with your foot and ankle hanging off the edge of the bed or top of a staircase. Relax and let gravity straighten the leg. To increase the stretch, place a light weight around your ankle. Continue activity for 5 to 10 minutes.

3) Long Striding Gait
Increase your walking distance and also increase the length of stride as much as possible. Use heel-toe walking.

4) Gastroc/Hamstrings Stretch
Stretch to the point of tension or mild pain. Use frequent repetitions and avoid brute force! Hold each stretch for 15-30 seconds. Do not bounce or jerk while stretching.

ACL Rehab Figure 2
ACL Rehab Figure 3

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