1. To improve your knee function, follow the measures listed below. They may seem inconsequential, but together they can improve the quality of your knee and your life.
  2. Achieve an optimal body weight. A reduction of one pound of body weight can relieve four pounds of pressure on your knee.
  3. Wear shock-absorbing shoes and avoid hard surfaces.
  4. Plant a SEED (Safe Exercise Every Day) in your life. Avoid any jumping, twisting or contact-related sports. Below is the Top 11 recommended activities. Gradually work up to 30-45 minutes per day.
    1. Swimming
    2. Aquatic exercise/Water Walking
    3. Stationary Bike/Spinning
    4. Elliptical Trainer
    5. Rowing Machine
    6. Walking/Treadmill
    7. Golf
    8. Hiking (light)
    9. Cross Country Skiing/Nordic Track
    10. Low Impact Aerobics
    11. Tai Chi/Yoga/Pilates
  5. Proper Nutrition can contribute to healthy knees and a healthy lifestyle. Eat a balanced diet while minimizing your fat intake. Also, nutrient supplementation is advised. The following guidelines are recommended:
    • Calcium 600-1200 mg (supplement) + 3 calcium rich food servings
    • Magnesium 400 mg
    • Vitamin C 800 mg
    • Vitamin E 400 IU (International Units)
    • Multi Vitamin 1 per day that includes trace minerals w/ anti-oxidant
    •   less than 120 lb 120-200 lb greater than 200 lb
      Glucosamine 1000 mg 1500 mg 2000 mg
      Chondroitin 800 mg 1200 mg 1600 mg

    In most cases, these lifestyle changes will improve your joint health. If not, additional treatment may be required.

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