ACL Tear Pre-Operative Protocol

Download as PDF Information The following is the Steadman Hawkins Denver Clinic preoperative protocol. The main emphasis focuses on: Reducing inflammation Restoring full range of motion Restoring quadriceps function You will likely be ready for surgery following phase I/II or in about one to two weeks. If your surgery date is beyond that time frame, […]

Activity Classification

In order to help you avoid knee damage, we have classified some of the most common sports and recreational activities into 3 basic levels according to the stress they impose on the knee. Level I activities apply generally safe stress on the knee. Level II activities apply moderate stress. Level III activities apply high stress […]

Chondroprotective Agents

Articular Cartilage Articular cartilage, or chondral cartilage, is a smooth, low friction surface that caps the ends of our bones and helps our joints move smoothly. It also distributes forces evenly throughout the underlying bone. When this chondral surface breaks down (chondrosis), either through injury or gradually over time, the joint loses its ability to […]

Conservative Management

To improve your knee function, follow the measures listed below. They may seem inconsequential, but together they can improve the quality of your knee and your life. Achieve an optimal body weight. A reduction of one pound of body weight can relieve four pounds of pressure on your knee. Wear shock-absorbing shoes and avoid hard […]

General Knee Strengthening

Single Leg Dips (Quads, Hams, Glutes) Stand next to a table which is about waist level in height. Stand with the leg you are exercising furthest away from the table. Reach back with one hand on the table for balance. Keeping your weight towards the back of your foot, SLOWLY lower your hips about 1/4 […]

Methods To Decrease Swelling

Modified Rest Avoid activities that promote increased swelling in the knee and lower leg. It is best to avoid sitting or standing for long periods of time (over 10-15 minutes). Ice Ice the knee intermittently during the day for 20-30 minutes. Allow 2 hours to elapse between each icing session. One recommended method is to […]

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