Patrick Olson, M.D.

Scapholunate Ligament Repair Post-Operative Protocol

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Days 0-14:
  • Keep post-operative dressing in place
  • Keep dressing clean and dry
  • Keep hand elevated above the level of your heart
  • Make a fist 5 times an hour while awake; finger motion (full extension and flexion) is important for all fingers.
  • May use hand for very light activities of daily living, such as eating, writing, typing, getting dressed, and brushing teeth
Day 14
Post-Op Appointment

Post-Op Appointment

  • Post-operative dressing removed
  • Stitches are absorbable and steri-strips left in place
  • Pins remain in place
  • Placed in a cast
  • Keep clean and dry; place bag over cast while showering
Week 6 – 8
Follow up Visit
  • Cast and pins removed in office
  • Placed in a removable splint to be worn full time
    • Take splint off to shower and to work on gentle range of motion several times a day
    • No axial loading (bench press, push ups, etc.)
Week 12
Follow up Visit
  • Discontinue use of wrist splint during daily activity
    • Wear splint only during sport related activity and heavy lifting
  • Continue to work on regaining full range of motion

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