Patrick Olson, M.D. & M. Daniel Hatch, M.D.

Distal Triceps Repair Post-Operative Protocol

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Day 0-14
  • Keep splint clean, dry and in place until follow-up
    • May wear sling, in addition to splint, if more comfortable
  • No lifting greater than 1-2 pounds
    • May do self-care activities as well as light duty work such as typing and writing
  • Make a fist 5 times an hour while awake; finger motion (full extension and flexion) is important for all fingers.
Follow-up Visit
(day 10-14)
  • Place in a hinged elbow brace, locked at 90 degrees
  • No lifting against resistance (greater than 1-2 pounds)
  • May remove brace to shower
  • May remove brace several times a day to work on gentle range of motion up to 90 degrees
  • Range of motion; wrist, hand and active shoulder motion in all planes
  • Stitches are absorbable
    • A clear tag of the absorbable stitch may be sticking out of the skin. Snip the tag of the stich close to your skin.
  • May get steri-strips wet, but may not soak (bath tub, swimming, hot tub, etc.); pat area dry with clean towel.
    • Once steri-strips fall off and incision site is fully healed, water activity is unrestricted
Week 6
Follow-up Visit
  • Discontinue use of hinged elbow brace
  • Range of motion as tolerated
  • No lifting against resistance (greater than 1-2 pounds)
3 Month
Follow-up Visit
  • Continued range of motion as tolerated
  • No lifting against resistance (greater than 1-2 pounds)
6 Month
Follow-up Visit
  • Gradual strengthening program with the guidance of physical therapy
  • Return to activity as tolerated

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