Patrick Olson, M.D.

Cubital Tunnel Release Post-Operative Protocol

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Day 0-14
  • No lifting greater than 1-2 pounds
    • May do self-care activities as well as light duty work such as typing and writing
  • Range of motion (hand, wrist and elbow) is encouraged and very important

Day 0-2

  • Keep post-operative dressing in place (ace wrap)
  • Keep dressing clean and dry

Day 3

  • Remove post-operative dressing; keep steri-strips (white tape) in place
  • Keep surgical site clean and dry
Follow-up Visit (day 10-14)
  • Stitches are absorbable
    • A clear tag of the absorbable stitch may be sticking out of the skin. Snip the tag of the stich close to your skin.
  • May get steri-strips wet, but may not soak (bath tub, swimming, hot tub, etc.); pat area dry with clean towel.
    • Once steri-strips fall off and incision site is fully healed, water activity is unrestricted
  • May gradually return to activity with no weight restrictions

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